A new plan which will help to support people seeking protection in Scotland to rebuild their lives has been unveiled.

The New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy: Delivery Plan 2024-2026 – which we developed alongside the Scottish Government and COSLA – features commitments to work with employers to help them recruit refugees, to identify ways to improve access to English language courses and to ensure services are co-ordinated effectively.

The plan also aims to ensure people understand their rights, responsibilities and entitlements, and to help New Scots and communities to integrate.

Our CEO Sabir Zazai said: “Scotland is a welcoming country whose people want to open their hearts and doors to people seeking refuge. We want Scotland to be the best place in the world for refugees to thrive and contribute to their communities.

Global conflicts and humanitarian crises are forcing record numbers of people to flee their homes in search of safety

The commitments set out in this plan will help those seeking protection in Scotland no matter where they have come from or how they have arrived to rebuild their lives here in a meaningful and sustainable way.”

Scottish Refugee Council is proud to work alongside the many voluntary organisations across Scotland, big and small, working to welcome New Scots into their communities. Many were involved in engaging with the people they support in their community to develop the action plan.

We thank them and the 2000 refugees in Scotland who gave their time and expertise.

We are pleased that the voices of people with lived experience are at the heart of this plan and it will continue to driven by their involvement as it is developed and implemented.

The focus of the plan is on action that can be taken in Scotland. We hope that the New Scots Strategy will go on to be used as a template for a proper UK strategy that welcomes refugees, ensures fair and rapid decisions on asylum applications, and gives people the chance to rebuild their lives through settling in a community.

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