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Our Music Connects project aimed to support New Scots across Glasgow communities to access free musical instruments, tuition, musical workshops and community celebrations.

We have created and developed our library membership vouchers, where organisations and individuals receive unique single use codes from us electronically. Each code allows them to self-set-up their own membership, reserve their self-chosen instruments and use of our library. We find this beneficial for the organisations’ time in making referrals to us.

Even more important though is the autonomy and dignity of individuals: that they don’t have to feel they need to present additional information to us, and can just sign up themselves in the same manner as a paying library member would to access all our services.

The voucher system also aids us to keep exact records of vouchers issued and numbers of individuals supported to ensure we reflect the funding budget and are on track each quarter. Our partner organisations have also really benefitted from this as it cuts down their referral time too, they can sit with a participant, allocate a voucher code from the list we’ve given them, go through all the sign up in person with them and instantly they have a membership and can start their musical journey on an instrument of their choosing.

We also created our own ticketing system for workshops and events which allows individuals and organisations to self-refer, book on remotely and helps us to keep track of sign ups and attendees. By creating our own ticketing system also we preserved budget as there are no additional fees such as for other ticketing websites.

New Scots reached
Key Information

Our main project objective is to provide New Scots of all ages and abilities with opportunities to access musical instruments and enjoy music making to feel connected in the community, learning and sharing together, with creativity, self-expression, confidence building and celebrating musical and personal journeys.

Key Information

Project Partner

Kinning Park Complex, Glendale Women’s Café, YCSA, Cranhill Development Trust, Sharpen Her African Women’s Network, Maryhill Integration Network, Castlemilk Community Church, and North Glasgow Integration Network.

Geographical reach


Target Groups

Older people, Younger people, People with disabilities, Socio-economic disadvantage

Project Type

Spreading good practice

Dates of the project

01/10/2021 – 31/10/2022


Our partner organisations have all expressed the needs of their communities for support with music making and creative activities. We have jointly designed all activities to reflect these needs. The outcomes of this creative work can be self-expression of trauma, confidence building, community connection, and breaking the monotony of daily living which has been even more onerous under lockdown. Everyone we have consulted with have been keen for the transition out of lockdown to spread more joy, bring more togetherness, learn new skills together, create songs, make music, share experiences, bond together, and provide direct contrast to negative press and attitudes by celebrating and showcasing New Scots talents and skills and the cohesion of communities.

Involvement of New Scots in project

All participants had the opportunity to be part of music making and learning of their own choosing. We supported and showcased our participants’ talents at events and online. Our songwriting groups wrote and performed their own beautiful songs and music videos, in the theme, language and genre of their choice, which have been enjoyed by their families and the wider community.


We have completed, hit and/or exceeded, all targets. 200 memberships!

The most significant changes we believe are the impact on individuals, and families, mental health and optimism through their own self-expression being welcome and valued. We supported many people who were in a really dark place when they arrived on these shores. Overall we are proudest of this in helping people to feel supported and made to feel welcome. Whether learning new skills, progressing musically, writing songs, finding hidden talents, starting bands, growing the confidence to do open mics, gigs, release music, secure a musical bursary for further education, making new friends for life, and all the transferrable skills in self-expression, self-esteem and confidence that stem there from.

We think Mali expresses this best: “I cannot thank you enough for your help and support. Learning how to play piano (music) has made a notable difference in my life.” – Mali

Challenges encountered

It’s been pretty tricky at times with COVID restrictions but we’ve worked as flexibly and positively as we can. We’re so proud of our team, volunteers, partner organisations and members for all the support they’ve provided to the community. It has been a privilege to see people be welcomed into what we do, support them and watch them grow in confidence and ability, and make friends and connections.


We are really pleased with the impact our project is making on New Scots individuals and families, and the wider community, and are super proud of the wonderful feedback we’ve received.

Further Information

Our ethos is to make music playing, learning and enjoyment accessible to all. We recognise music can be a privilege for some and we want to level that playing field, so anyone can take up any instrument as their heart desires.

We created our library of over 2500 musical instruments and equipment since our inception in 2017, harnessing the immense generosity of the Scottish community through instrument and equipment donations and volunteer time. We reuse, restore and repair donated items for sharing through our community library; environmentally consciously saving instruments from landfill and prolonging their lives, whilst bringing musical joy to new hands!

As well as our physical library of instruments to share, we run multiple music creation projects, supporting the wellbeing, self-expression and skills of our communities and providing sessional work to artists and music tutors. A large proportion of our current active members (35%) are New Scots, whom we support with free access to our library. We have developed our services to best support and be fully inclusive of our community needs.

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